Concrete Polishing in Spokane

Spokane Epoxy offers concrete polishing for residential and commercial businesses across the Inland Northwest. Our attention to detail and top notch customer service sets us apart. One thing we pride ourselves on is answering the phone. Most contractors do not answer the phone. We do our best to answer the phone. If we for some reason we miss your call, then we will call you back right away. Call us at (509) 508-4673.

Polished Concrete Spokane

When installing a polished concrete floor, we take your concrete slab turn it into your desired finished product. We have to first grind the floor to the correct aggregate, then we apply the appropriate chemical solution. After that we polish the floor to the customer’s desired finish. If you need a quote or have questions in regards to a polished concrete floor, then give us a call today.

Concrete Polishing for Schools

We polish concrete for colleges, universities, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and more. Our process to get a quote is simple. We have polished many educational institutions floors over the years. We would be happy to keep your school up to par with our services.

Retail Store Polished Concrete

Own a grocery store or retail store? We can help. We have helped many stores across Washington State with concrete polishing. We know that finding the right contractor can be a hassle at times. We will be easy to work with the start to finish.

Commercial Concrete Polishing in Spokane

For all your commercial needs for concrete polishing reach out to us today. We’re licensed, bonded and insured, through the state of Washington.